This list of publications only includes already published works. Texts available online through open access are marked with an asterisk.


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Swedish translation of and introduction to “Ontologie/Logologie”, “Sens” and “Rhétorique ou espace/temps” by Barbara Cassin, published in Rhetorica Scandinavica 71/72, pp. 9-31 (2016), as “Ontologi/Logologi”, “Mening” and “Retorik eller rum/tid”. French originals published in Barbara Cassin, L’archipel des idées de Barbara Cassin, (Paris: Éditions Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, 2014).

Swedish translation of and introduction to Ernest G. Bormann’s article “Fantasy and rhetorical vision: The rhetorical criticism of social reality”, originally published in Quarterly Journal of Speech, (1972) vol.58, pp.396-407. Written together with Nadja Fransson and published as “Fantasier och retoriska visioner. Den retoriska analysen av sociala verkligheter” in Rhetorica Scandinavica 60, (2012), pp. 7-26. ISSN: 1397-0534.

Edited Volumes

Rosengren, Mats; Schou Therkildsen, Louise & Stagnell, Alexander [eds.]. Can a person be illegal? Refugees, Migrants and Citizenship in Europe. Uppsala: Uppsala universitet, 2018. ISBN: 9789198008128.