Alexander Stagnell – Researcher in Rhetoric

I have a PhD in Rhetoric from Uppsala University. In my dissertation, defended in 2019, I treated the history and concept of diplomacy. Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Research Group in Rhetoric and Linguistic Argumentation (GRAL), Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium. My postdoctoral research is funded by the Swedish Research Council’s International postdoc-programme and the project is co-hosted by ULB and Södertörn University in Sweden. Here you can find more information about ongoing and previous research projects.

During 2022 I am also a junior researcher in the inaugural cohort of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation’s Residency Programme. This programme brings together a group of international researchers and representatives from the civil society to work on the topic of “social cohesion”.


My research has, for the most part, been focusing on three topics: (i) the role of rhetoric within the political; (ii) the history and ideology of war and diplomacy; and (iii) the relationship between rhetoric, philosophy, and psychoanalysis. My latest book Diplomacy and Ideology: From the French Revolution to the Digital Age was published in the summer of 2020 by Routledge. My research has also been published in academic journals such as Philosophy & Rhetoric and Crisis and Critique. More information, links, and full texts of my publications are available here.

Besides my own research I also translate, mainly philosophy and rhetorical theory, from French and English into Swedish.


I have primarily been teaching courses on the intellectual history of rhetoric, rhetorical theory, rhetorical criticism, and in public speaking. I have also developed thematic courses on a number of topics, including for instance populist rhetoric and the thought of Barbara Cassin. I also supervise student theses in rhetoric.